Bell Family, LLC.

Group Homes for the Developmentally Disabled

An Overview of Our Residential Care and In-Home Programs

Our programs are based on a model of empowerment. This approach views individuals with IDD as capable of being functional and productive citizens. In line with this, we offer programs that encourage activity and interaction in the comfort of their own residence as well as in our nurturing group home.

Personalized Programs

We realize that each person has his or her own unique strengths, abilities, and needs. That is why we design our programs to be appropriate for these various qualities.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

Bell Family, LLC. celebrates and welcomes the distinct differences in race and culture that our clients possess. We facilitate this by giving them the opportunity to participate in heritage programs that reflect their respective languages, traditions, and religious orientations.

Ensuring Contact With Family

Residents in our group homes are often away from their respective communities. This might create an unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, every effort is made to ensure that they are able to contact their natural family. This is outlined in our plan of care, which also details the type and frequency of interaction.

Setting Achievable Objectives

We help our clients jointly establish attainable, short-term goals that are meant to advance their potential. The programs we develop will help individuals focus on meeting their own specific needs. These normally involve safety, dealing with trauma, conflict resolution, budgeting, and basic life skills.

Serving Individuals From All Walks of Life

At Bell Family, LLC., we offer our services to people with IDD regardless of mental condition, race, color, creed, religious preference, or past involvement with substance abuse. Please note, however, that our group home is maintained as a drug-free shelter.

Tackling Daily Activities

In our group home, our overall aim is to provide a normal, home-like setting for our residents. To do so, we attempt to make the pattern of their day-to-day lives closely resemble that of their peers outside the facility. We also keep our daily schedules flexible to take into account their different needs.

Developing Together

Residents in our group home are encouraged to participate in collective problem solving and decision making within the home. Aside from that, we give them many opportunities to freely experience and express their own interests, aptitudes, and abilities.

Encouraging Community Integration

We believe that being a part of something greater inspires growth. That is why our residents are granted access to several community services for medical and personal purposes as well as for leisure and education.

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